Laser Scanning and Fabrication - What is it used For?

Laser Scanning and Fabrication - What is it used For?

Interestingly, Technological advances have dramatically changed the landscape of the fabrication industry. Changes to equipment and working practices mean that today, we can be at the forefront of what we do. Notably, laser scanning has allowed for an enhanced design process by speeding up data collection and vastly improving accuracy.


Accuracy and Efficiency

The use of laser scanning creates more accurate results by reducing errors and saving time and money. Interestingly, laser scanning is popular in applications such as scanning of buildings, surveying building interiors and in archaeology.

Using 3D laser technology means a technician can accurately collect a substantially larger amount of information. Completing the process in a greatly reduced timeframe. This delivers huge advantages to industrial fabrication companies.


How does it work?

Laser Scanning combines controlled steering of laser beams with a laser rangefinder. By taking a distance measurement at every direction the scanner rapidly captures the surface shape of objects, buildings and landscapes. Construction of a full 3D model involves combining multiple surface models obtained from different viewing angles, or the admixing of other known constraints.


It’s all in the detail…

By using in-house dimensional control and laser surveying, you can trust that your data is going to be accurate with Pipesco. Our wealth of experience in all aspects of traditional and modern survey techniques means we get a full scope on the project. Most importantly, this is just the start of what we do. We offer a range of complimentary services which use the data collected by this process to create a full analysis, using data processing. Consequently, We also offer 3D modelling which will really bring your project to life. Enabling you to have deeper understanding of how you project will look upon completion.


If you’d like a further understanding of Laser Scanning technology and how it can help your project, why not contact a member of the team?




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