North East Lincolnshire's First Waterpark Boasts Upside-down Waterslide


Artisist impression of one of the 8 waterslides at the new Pipesco Waterpark in Stallingborough, North East Lincolnshire.


Dubbed as a “first of its kind”, local engineering company Pipesco; based in Stallingborough, are proud to announce a new project which will bring a 28 square metre waterpark to North East Lincolnshire.

Pipesco, who specialise in fabrication and design have utilised their expertise in pipework to create a waterpark from disused pipes. This first of its kind experience includes a slide which will launch the rider into a 10-meter high loop before plunging them into a pool at the bottom in perfect time for a photo opportunity.┬áThe park will be home to the UK’s longest lazy river, which will be over 400 metres long. Catering for the young, old, brave and those who are just seeking a relaxing experience under the Lincolnshire sun.

The plans for the waterpark have been kept under cloak and dagger for over 18 months now until the big reveal on April 1st 2019. Work will begin on the huge waterpark; about the size of four football fields in the near future.

A spokesperson at Pipesco expressed how exciting the opportunity is for the area. “The park will be such a great attraction for Lincolnshire, it could really put us on the map, the engineering and design that has gone into the park is revolutionary and will hopefully bring even more work to Pipesco and Lincolnshire”.

Tourism is very important to Lincolnshire, but mostly visiting the coast such as Cleethorpes, this waterpark aims to bring visitors to experience industrial Lincolnshire too. The waterpark will create jobs as part of the initial construction and running of the park adding to the Lincolnshire economy. The park will operate on timed sessions for visitors throughout the day between March and October.

The waterpark will be suitable for both young daredevils and big kids alike and promises to be an experience you will never forget.