3D CAD Modelling and its more unusual uses

3D CAD Modelling and its more unusual uses

Computer Aided Design software or CAD, as it is commonly known, is commonplace throughout the engineering industry. At Pipesco we use 3D CAD modelling to give you an accurate view of what your finished product will look like. It enables us to work through the project with a greater level of detail and accuracy. Above all, it allows you to envisage the outcome of your investment.

It’s not just Fabrication and Engineering…

What some people might not realise though, is that 3D CAD Modelling is often applied to other industries. Its uses are vast and often it is applied in a variety of surprising ways.

3D CAD Modelling for Fashion

When it comes to fashion design you might think about a designer sketching out a creative and fabulous design. And for the initial stages of a garment’s journey, you’re probably not far off. Surprisingly, like the pipe engineering we do here at Pipesco, a piece of clothing will go through an engineering process too. Once the piece of clothing has been designed, the use of CAD is applied to the latter stages of the product’s development. It is used to see how effective different types of fabric will be or additionally in the process of ‘grading’. A process whereby the design team are able to resize a garment to fit a range of body sizes.

Building Bodies

Modern medicine continues to wow us with its many technological advances. But nevermore so with the application 3D CAD modelling. This powerful piece of software can be used within the surgical setting to envisage the end result of a surgery or to help surgeons determined the best possible strategy when it comes to operating. You can read more about this fascinating advance in medical technology here.


Making Homes Beautiful

You may have experienced 3D CAD modelling in your every day life without even realising. Have you ever visited a kitchen showroom to map out what your new kitchen might look like? Chances are this process was aided by CAD. By adding the measurements of your existing kitchen, CAD software is able to create a 3D visual of what your new kitchen might look like. As a result, you are able to swap out different units and styles until you arrive at the perfect design. Interior designers will often use this tool too to map out potential designs to show clients.


At Pipesco we do exactly this. We use 3D CAD software to help you envisage what your final build will look like. For instance, this could be either within your existing setting or a in a completely new one. It enables you, the client to see how everything is going to work. How it’s going to fit into your environment and share that vision with your colleagues, stakeholders or even customers.


If you’d like to learn more about the services we provide at Pipesco, why not visit or contact page. A member of the team will be waiting to answer your queries.

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