How A Piece Of Equipment That’s Small Enough To Fit In Your Backpack Could Save You Thousands

How A Piece Of Equipment That’s Small Enough To Fit In Your Backpack Could Save You Thousands

It’s about as big as a box of Kellogg’s cornflakes.

It fits in a regular backpack.

And to look at it, you’d think it was some kind of old VHS player.

But the fact of the matter is…

This unassuming looking piece of equipment could literally save your company thousands of pounds when it comes to refitting a factory, redesigning a warehouse or planning out a brand new plant.

That’s no exaggeration, by the way.

This could save you thousands.

Just think how many people it would normally take to do a full tour of a site to measure up all the pipework and equipment over numerous floors and the cost that would incur.

Or consider the extra cost of extra contractors and downtime that would be forced on you if you try to fit a piece of equipment and find the measurements are all out.

Or think about how many times you have to send plans back and forth between different parts of the business to get them signed off and the time that takes.

But these need not be problems you ever worry about again.

Thanks to this piece of equipment, you can:

  • Measure up an entire site with one or two people
  • Avoid the need for extra downtime due to fitting problems
  • Create a digital 3D plan of your entire site that’s easy to share

How come?

Because, as you may have already guessed…

This simple looking piece of technology is actually a very powerful state-of-the-art scanner.

A Full 360

Of course, the best way to see just how this works is to get in touch and we can organise a demonstration.

We’d be happy to have you visit us here at Pipesco HQ, or we can look to show you how it works on site.

If you’d like to learn more, just get in touch.

As always, you can contact us through our contact page here or call us directly on 01469 576677.

But essentially, how the scanner works is in two simultaneous stages.

First, the scanner itself revolves around 360 degrees on the horizontal axis.

This means, you can just place it in the middle of a factory floor, next to a section of piping or even outside a building and it will do a full scan of everything around it.

But the clever bit happens because at the same time, in the middle of the main console, there’s a piece of kit revolving 360 degrees on the vertical axis.

This fires out lasers over and over again extremely fast.

It sounds like a sci-fi film, but these laser beams bounce off the nearest surface and back to the scanner.

The powerful software in the scanner records all this data from the lasers and uses it to build a 3D rendering of the area around it.

Depending on how big the space or equipment you’re looking to measure and model is – we can move the scanner around to build up a full model of the area.

And due to the sensitivity of the scanner, the 3D model it’s able to help create it almost perfect.

What’s more, due to it being a digital rendering, it means we’re able to use virtual reality technology to ‘go inside’ the model and look around it.

It means we can shift pipes, take measurements and move equipment all in a near perfect virtual environment.

And the whole thing only needs one or two people to operate.

So, if you need to accurately scan an awkward piece of equipment, an entire plant or even the exterior of a group of buildings, thanks to this great piece of kit – we can do it.

All you need to do is give us a shout here at Pipesco and we’ll be happy to talk more about your specific challenges and advise you on the best way to take things forward.

Like we said before, you can get in touch with us through our contact page here or call us directly on 01469 576677.

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