Delivery and Preservation

Delivery & Preservation

Delivering the goods

Quality of any product is fundamentally important to PIPESCO and we take care in preservation, handling, storing, packaging and delivering products.

Our experienced team understand the frustrations and costs caused by damaged or lost goods.

We provide outstanding quality, to tight timescales but we will not risk damaging goods.

As specialists in the piping and fabrication industry, we’re used to items of all shapes and sizes.

We also know that some items will not be used immediately so preservation is very important. When customers want to use the item it’s in first class condition.

Effective handling ultimately results in reduced costs by helping to eliminate any re-works or time delays.

Our Delivery & Preservation services include:

  • Correct clear labeling
  • Documentation & Certification
  • Protected items
  • Correct material to material packing
  • Safe secure loads
  • Correct banding
  • Clients requests
  • Pre-rigging if required
  • Balanced loads