Confidence in Every Detail

In-house dimensional control and laser surveying comes as standard at Pipesco. We’re experienced in all aspects of traditional survey techniques including point-to-point, infrared surveying and point cloud survey.

Of course, getting the right data is just the start and we also offer a range of complementary services to help you get the most from the data including post-survey data processing, analysis and 3D modelling.

Laser Scanning

With incredibly precise laser scanning, we deliver complete accuracy whenever and wherever you need it, both onshore and offshore.

Our laser scanning services include:

  • Survey and fabrication control
  • Verification of new design routes
  • 3D modelling


Dimensional Control Surveying

Using state-of-the-art 3D scanners, combined with the expertise of our highly skilled team, we deliver highly accurate data with sub-millimetre precision. The result is a perfect fit, first time, every time.

Our surveying services help you dramatically reduce the need for rework and provide you with clear and accurate design deliverables. The benefits include:

  • A reduction in on-site fabrication activities, reducing or eliminating on-site welding
  • Clash free routing on new structures
  • Eliminates the need for ‘field-fit’ by verifying new design piping systems prior to installation
  • A first-time fit thanks to sub-millimetre tie-in point data
  • The ability to work on live plant
  • Eliminates rework and retrospective engineering
  • Minimises offshore activities by using CAD technology onshore